Useful Downloads about Internet Marketing

If you’re a small business owner seeking valuable information about branding, marketing, and advertising on the internet in 2024, you might be feeling frustrated.

The internet is still a largely unregulated wild west of content, making it almost impossible to find the kind of information you’d expect to be readily available through a simple search. With search engines being a mature, multi-billion dollar industry, the major players have become incredibly sophisticated in their strategies.

Finding content that is objective, well-thought-out, and genuinely helpful without having to fill out an opt-in email form (followed by a barrage of phone calls, emails, and texts) is nearly impossible. Even worse, the information you receive often turns out to be just another advertisement in disguise.

Having worked with big companies for years, I understand how annoying it is to be tricked into providing an email or phone number for a so-called “free” report, only to be bombarded with sales pitches.

These downloads are different. They are free to download with no cookie tracking, no strings attached, and no follow-up emails. All you will get is a PDF to open and review. My goal is simple: if you find these resources useful, you’ll consider working with me. And if you decide to do that, just give me a call. I pick up.